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Brynja (Bryn) was born right on time, Aug 23 (my due date) at 2:35am weighing 8lbs 7oz and 20 inches long.  Labor was relatively short (6 hours total) and the midwife was fantastic.  Weyland was in the room for much of the labor but he was hitting his "it's way past my bedtime stage" and went for a walk so missed delivery.  But he did get to see her just 10 minutes old and so far he is a great big brother.  Ed was wonderful as well, don't know that I could have done it without him.  Labor was shorter but much much more intense than it was with Weyland.  So, enjoy the pics

Still no baby yet

So my due date is quickly approaching and I have to say I am very ready for this all to happen NOW.  I had a false alarm on Sunday night  and Monday morning with contractions that never progressed to regular.  Now I'm just waiting.  I'm fairly confident it will be before my due date though because my mom has offered to take Weyland on Saturday while Ed and I go to the moview (probably Inglorious Bastards but maybe District 9) and she will keep him Saturday night to let us sleep in Sunday.  I figure that ensures it happening before that . . .

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As usual I am a sporadic updater at best.  I am now 31 weeks pregnant, with just 9 more to go.  I'm glad I live in Vermont, because we have yet to have really hot days and the nights are still 55-65 so I haven't been too uncomfortable.  This pregnancy is definitely harder than the first, I just seem to be experiencing more of the typical symptoms, but still nothing too bad.  We are currently discussing with our midwives how much Weyland will be involved with the labor/delivery.  They are pretty open to whatever we want and I think that Weyland will be there with my mom as support for him, and he can stay as long as he is comfortable.  I think more than being upset he will likely get bored. 

Summer usually slips away pretty quickly around here but this year seems worse than most.  We already have a handful of weekends scheduled with stuff and we have two relatively big house projects to do before the baby comes.  It seems like I don't have any time left.

I did manage to pull off one last performance last week in Bennington, we did a duet to Marilyn Manson's "Sweet Dreams" cover - here are the pics


A week long vacation

How horrible is it that I can't wait for my husband to take my 2 year old son with him to visit his family in Florida for a week?  I know that I will miss them both, but all I can think about right now is sleeping in a bit, eating a meal in peace, picking up the house the day they leave and having it stay that way for more than 10 minutes, not having to watch Dirty Jobs or Ultimate Fighting crap on TV, and not having to change a diaper for a week.  I will probably be bored out of my mind and terribly lonely by Wednesday . . . but I get all the ice cream to myself!

Help me with my Homework please?!

So I am taking a Human Sexuality class this term at the college I work at (hey, tuition is free!) and we have an interview homework assignment this week.  I need to "interview" people who have been in a long term relationship (at least five years).  If this is you, and you don't mind sharing, please respond.  Thanks!

Interview one or two people who are in a long-term (at least five years), committed relationship. Ask them how they knew when they were in love. Find out if their level of intimacy has changed over time. Ask them the differences between being in love versus being in infatuation with another. Ask them what qualities contribute to a successful relationship. Depending on how well you know the person, and keeping in mind that the following are sensitive issues, inquire about how cross-cultural perspectives, jealousy, and gender differences are handled within the relationship.

How and when did you know you were in love?

Has that level of intimacy changed over time?  How?

What do you think the differences between being in love versus being in infatuation with eachother are?

What qualities do you think contribute to a successful relationship?

Have you had any issues/differences due to the following and how did you handle them?

-cross cultural perspectives


-gender differences

Your input is greatly appreciated in my quest for an A (I know, I'm still such a nerd!).


Good News Ahead

Ed and I are expecting again - I am due at the end of August. I wanted to wait until we heard the heartbeat to start spreading the news because I did have another (very early) miscarriage last year. But me and baby are doing fine, although the symptoms did hit me harder this time around. Only a few more weeks until the end of the first trimester though. I know, I know, I 'm a horrible friend for not calling garaynbow first, I mean to but I'm just not a big phone girl you know?

Weyland is doing well, talking up a storm and charming everyone he can. The dog and the cat are, well, the dog and the cat.

Anyway that is my big update for, well, the year probably.

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This is a post written by keelyrin from clothdiapering. I don't write my congress/senate often but I did for this. This has the potential to impact my own business venture as well as many I know.

So. Uh. Looks like most WAHMs are going to be going out of business in February.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (the bit that Congress passed to make less lead allowable in toys and children's products as a reactionary measure following the China craziness last year) requires lead testing on EVERY product for children manufactured or sold in the United States. The level of ridiculousness is so high that every COLOR and TYPE of fabric must be tested separately, and every sub-part on the items. So for a diaper it'd be the microfleece, the bamboo velour, the suedecloth (in EVERY COLOR), all colors of PUL or fleece or wool that you use, the snap, the tag, and the velcro as well as the inner fabric. On a wetbag, the PUL, the regular fabric, the zipper, the hanging loop, and the tag. Each test (third party) costs upwards of $100.

They're including clothes, shoes, bedding, durable goods (which are subject to a higher standard and must be certified and have the certificate and registry with them or some such crazy).

The small businesses and independent toymakers of the US are trying to do something, but the law is so blanket that it doesn't include any stipulations for small manufacturers or home businesses. In effect, you couldn't even sell kid stuff at your local craft fair under this law. It was a hugely reactionary measure, (though admittedly well-intentioned) and passed and put into effect before it was fully understood the ginormous consequences.

Consider that the vast majority of your diapers come from WAHMs (even Fuzzibuns, Happy Heiny's, Drybees, and bumGenius are or were at one time WAHM operations), and the fact that the beautiful wooden handmade toys we all hunt down for our kids will be no more if this is allowed to take effect as written. Not only will we lose out on all WAHM products diaper-wise, imagine what this testing will do to the cost of children's clothing at Target or Gymboree.

Of course, this all comes to a head when Congress is recessing, but you can still do something! If your Congressperson was re-elected, contact them now! If you have an incoming Congressperson, contact their local field office!

Here's some more information!

What must be tested under the CPSIA, with some good links at the bottom

The Handmade Toy Alliance - with a link at the bottom of the main page to find your Senator and Congressperson

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act Main Page

Who says nothing ever happens in a small town

I get home last night around 8pm and I see my neighbor across the street has a bunch of cars in his drive and on his lawn and I thought, hey he must be having one hell of a party.  Then Ed's friend who is over (and out smoking when I got home) says "you're short one neighbor".  Huh?  Seems it wasn't a party at all, but the police, who had been camped out all day, complete with a coroner's van.  Looks like my neighbor's girlfriend is missing and there is an unidentified body in the house.  Ed says the cops came knocking earlier that afternoon asking when the last time he had seen them was.  Now, we both know the boyfriend (he worked at the snack shop we frequent in the summer, and I had actually just bought some stuff at his garage sale two weeks ago).  I didn't really know the girlfriend, but I knew of her.  Turns out she teaches at the college I work at and reads tarot and does aura photog at the wellness center our friend runs in rutland.  It doesn't look good for her right now as I can't imagine the body isn't hers (I figure they hadn't notified next of kin yet so couldn't release her ID).  I never would have guessed it of Dave, but Ed says he didn't doubt it (and as soon as the cops showed up at the house he figured Dave had finally snapped).  It's a shame, I'm sorry I didn't know her better.