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This is a post written by keelyrin from clothdiapering. I don't write my congress/senate often but I did for this. This has the potential to impact my own business venture as well as many I know.

So. Uh. Looks like most WAHMs are going to be going out of business in February.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (the bit that Congress passed to make less lead allowable in toys and children's products as a reactionary measure following the China craziness last year) requires lead testing on EVERY product for children manufactured or sold in the United States. The level of ridiculousness is so high that every COLOR and TYPE of fabric must be tested separately, and every sub-part on the items. So for a diaper it'd be the microfleece, the bamboo velour, the suedecloth (in EVERY COLOR), all colors of PUL or fleece or wool that you use, the snap, the tag, and the velcro as well as the inner fabric. On a wetbag, the PUL, the regular fabric, the zipper, the hanging loop, and the tag. Each test (third party) costs upwards of $100.

They're including clothes, shoes, bedding, durable goods (which are subject to a higher standard and must be certified and have the certificate and registry with them or some such crazy).

The small businesses and independent toymakers of the US are trying to do something, but the law is so blanket that it doesn't include any stipulations for small manufacturers or home businesses. In effect, you couldn't even sell kid stuff at your local craft fair under this law. It was a hugely reactionary measure, (though admittedly well-intentioned) and passed and put into effect before it was fully understood the ginormous consequences.

Consider that the vast majority of your diapers come from WAHMs (even Fuzzibuns, Happy Heiny's, Drybees, and bumGenius are or were at one time WAHM operations), and the fact that the beautiful wooden handmade toys we all hunt down for our kids will be no more if this is allowed to take effect as written. Not only will we lose out on all WAHM products diaper-wise, imagine what this testing will do to the cost of children's clothing at Target or Gymboree.

Of course, this all comes to a head when Congress is recessing, but you can still do something! If your Congressperson was re-elected, contact them now! If you have an incoming Congressperson, contact their local field office!

Here's some more information!

What must be tested under the CPSIA, with some good links at the bottom

The Handmade Toy Alliance - with a link at the bottom of the main page to find your Senator and Congressperson

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act Main Page
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