AutumnFey (autumnfey) wrote,

Help me with my Homework please?!

So I am taking a Human Sexuality class this term at the college I work at (hey, tuition is free!) and we have an interview homework assignment this week.  I need to "interview" people who have been in a long term relationship (at least five years).  If this is you, and you don't mind sharing, please respond.  Thanks!

Interview one or two people who are in a long-term (at least five years), committed relationship. Ask them how they knew when they were in love. Find out if their level of intimacy has changed over time. Ask them the differences between being in love versus being in infatuation with another. Ask them what qualities contribute to a successful relationship. Depending on how well you know the person, and keeping in mind that the following are sensitive issues, inquire about how cross-cultural perspectives, jealousy, and gender differences are handled within the relationship.

How and when did you know you were in love?

Has that level of intimacy changed over time?  How?

What do you think the differences between being in love versus being in infatuation with eachother are?

What qualities do you think contribute to a successful relationship?

Have you had any issues/differences due to the following and how did you handle them?

-cross cultural perspectives


-gender differences

Your input is greatly appreciated in my quest for an A (I know, I'm still such a nerd!).

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