AutumnFey (autumnfey) wrote,

As usual I am a sporadic updater at best.  I am now 31 weeks pregnant, with just 9 more to go.  I'm glad I live in Vermont, because we have yet to have really hot days and the nights are still 55-65 so I haven't been too uncomfortable.  This pregnancy is definitely harder than the first, I just seem to be experiencing more of the typical symptoms, but still nothing too bad.  We are currently discussing with our midwives how much Weyland will be involved with the labor/delivery.  They are pretty open to whatever we want and I think that Weyland will be there with my mom as support for him, and he can stay as long as he is comfortable.  I think more than being upset he will likely get bored. 

Summer usually slips away pretty quickly around here but this year seems worse than most.  We already have a handful of weekends scheduled with stuff and we have two relatively big house projects to do before the baby comes.  It seems like I don't have any time left.

I did manage to pull off one last performance last week in Bennington, we did a duet to Marilyn Manson's "Sweet Dreams" cover - here are the pics

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